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March 2, 2024

Writing on The Fly . . . (The Other Noye Story)

A new story for Noye and his insect/bug friends.

August 12, 2022

Silent Fights with No Reasonz: Ep. 3 'Troubles Brewing' by JCWise

"Suddenly, loud sirens filled the air creating a discordant cacophony of dissonance and vibrating air currents. Carol-Anne could sense that trouble was brewing. She could almost feel its malevolent nature, as she recalled what Noah had said yesterday evening before leaving the apartment..." How will Carol-Anne maneuver through these days ahead of them?

August 7, 2022

The Fantastic Lore: Imagine If?

This is ongoing...A sort of, side story of Lore...Hopefully, one may find it to be Fantastic! lol

June 30, 2022

The Fantastic Lore: Imagine If?

June 8, 2022

The Wild World of Wonk! #3

Wonk clearly has a cat-sense about himself. He moves in the world of his people with a definite sense of purpose. Although for him, for people to wait on him is the fulfillment of that purpose. In this latest episode, he has seemingly 'upped the ante.'

May 28, 2022

Poetic Bites v

It started with: "Daddy, look...

May 8, 2022

A Mother's Day -

This is a special posting for those who celebrate or reflect on the meanings of "Mother's Day".

April 29, 2022

Poetic Bites IV

April 27, 2022

Poetic Bites III

A myriad of colorful birds' fly, and flutter 'roundas they're musically chirping out their sweet sound

April 26, 2022

The Wild World of Wonk #2

The Story of a long-haired, docile, beautiful but self-centered cat is told from the point of view of one of the humans in his life.

April 26, 2022
Poetic Bites

Poetic Bites II

April 26, 2022

Poetic Bites

April 9, 2022

Silent Fights with No Reasonz: Ep. 2 ‘For No Reasonz’ by JCWise

Clutched in a long embrace, both Noah and Carol-Anne sniffle to hold back salt streamed dripping memories. It’s been way too long. It’s been years since either of them have seen or heard from the other. The distance apart seemed like a lifetime before now.

March 14, 2022

Silent Fights with No Reasonz Ep. 1

Carol-Anne, fought for years trying to maintain a normal life, but to her nothing about her life was normal. Growing up in a neighborhood where being poor and black was not only a crutch to the outside world, but was looked at as if it were a mistake. Add to the misfortune of those ailments, being deaf only heightened the insensitivity of the neighborhood kids and the community at large.

March 12, 2022

The Profile of the THINKER

The THINKER or Thinker;the avenger of wasted time and rawtalent.A poet in his own mind.Kicks crime in the a—, at the dropof a dime.

March 8, 2022

The Wild World of Wonk‍

Our Eighteen-year-old girl just read a story to me that was hilariously funny (to me) and unfortunately terrifying (to her) about our Cat. She was one of those, dead-serious, sometime-ishly affectionate, indoor-outdoor type of Cat.