Silent Fights with No Reasonz: Ep. 3 'Troubles Brewing' by JCWise

August 12, 2022

Carol-Anne takes on the role of the tenacious older sibling to her younger siblings. She creates a safe space for them as well as herself. She is a cunning adolescence with the ability to adapt well in difficult situations. She becomes the missing puzzle piece in the lives of her younger siblings as well as Noah, her older brother; Noah still hasn't noticed the predicament he's placed before his family. He will soon understand his inability to conform to what is expected of him.

Carol-Anne is interviewing herself in the mirror. She knows practicing her verbal speech is important since she plans to get that after school gig next month. Thinking to herself as she looks into her large clear eyes she says, “You have this girl. Remember to pronounce your words using those mouth stretches and exercises you were taught, as well as your speech sounds, tone, and volume control. Before continuing to practice aloud she reminds herself, “You are smart! You are beautiful! You can do anything and everything you put your mind to!" Practicing aloud, Carol-Anne begins answering well thought out hypothetical questions she may be asked. “Yes, thank you. I am great! Yes, I am fourteen, but quickly approaching fifteen. Yes, I am deaf, but I can sign as well as read lips. I have a rare condition known as Alström Syndrome. It is a genetic condition in which hearing loss sometimes appears, as it did for me. It can grow progressively worse overtime. This syndrome has left me with a 75% hearing loss in both ears, but I do not let this determine my failures, but my successes. I can compensate for and overcome this challenge. I know I will be a great asset to your company because..."

Carol-Anne was interrupted by a small yet fragile, whiney voice. “Arol…Arol, I’m hungry!” Titus whimpered while fighting back tears. Annoyed by her baby brother constantly leaving off the hard C in her name, especially since he interrupted her practicing, Carol-Anne swiftly shouted, “Tamia…Ta-Mee-ah, COME HERE NOW!” Tamia, also bothered, rushed in anxiously and signed, “Oh man, what now?” Carol-Anne signed, “Your knuckle-headed baby brother is hungry...again! Can you please fix him a bowl of cereal? Not the good stuff either. The store brand will do simply fine! Since it was good enough for us to eat, it is good enough for him to eat too!” Tamia sighed a long song-like sigh and indignantly marched off. “Come on boy,” she called to Titus, knowing he would follow her into the kitchen. Suddenly, loud sirens filled the air creating a discordant cacophony of dissonance and vibrating air currents. Carol-Anne could sense that trouble was brewing. She could almost feel its malevolent nature, as she recalled what Noah had said yesterday evening before leaving the apartment: “Seriously Annie, I will be back later. I must meet up with Skids. You remember David Skids, right? He has been ringing my phone off the hook. We are supposed to meet up for this business deal. I promise, I will be back later!” Suddenly, the phone rang. Simultaneously, red lights throughout the house lit up violently, sending an urgent message that something was amiss. Hesitantly, Tamia picked up the telephone. “Hello. Hello? Yes, who is calling?”

August 12, 2022

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