Poetic Bites IV

April 29, 2022

By Richard H. Swan Jr.

Verbal assault: target THINKER

Hhmm the THINKER Huh?
Ever thoughtabout...actually DOING?

I mean, It's only you, you're foolin'
It seems to be, you're bias to spewing

All that senseless YAP,

 that get the 'Rocked' heads stewing


n' ya about to be ruined...

I am known, as the Verbal Assassin
Who? you cry the H...is?  Hush child! There's no need in asking!

Just know, that when you 'think'
it reveals your true lack of 'thought'
I know others have missed it,

but by me it was caught
look, if thinking is all you do
Then, it'll be TOO easy to annihilate you!

N' if you're miffed and want to attack?
step right up and let my  'mental'  whack
you all about your cerebellum.
See, now you've lost your balance and  well uhm...

How can you 'think' straight you flake

when your foundation's SHAKEY!?

It's no wonder you don't SPRING into action,

your  moves are so uncoordinated n' you're a fake G!!

I bet now you're 'thinking' cryin' n. sobbin' why,

n' what the hell did I ever do this "Top Gun?"

but you can't see me, you went  after too many son!

So listen here, you insipid lil' flea...NO MAN IS AN ISLAND!

So, stop it all now, lest I start really wildin...'

Besides, I don't want to be forced to hurt ya...

YUR kinda cute in that doofus, "Im da spit' suit
wit your, whiny ME, ME  n' 'make believe BRAVADO'

While, simultaneously passin' gas n' askin'
"Oh Mr. Assassin" - "please leave me alone" as your new MOTTO!
Okay...only for a moment though, while you get your Jaw checked
I'll be  chilling,  laying low , in the cut
But just 'think...' I'm likely to hit anytime! N' just  when you least expect it!

April 29, 2022

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