Poetic Bites II

April 26, 2022

By Richard H. Swan Jr.

I loved you in my dreams

I loved you in my dreams

Don’t know why it’s happened
Fate causes many things
You caught me, while I was napping


to a moment of sleep
I fell in, into the deep...
Part of your ocean
Events are in motion

I loved you in my dreams

And I can’t fight this desire
yearning ignites a blazing fire
for the want of you near
you feed my soul my dear

Yet it’s all just insane
it must be weakness to blame
yearning for that soft caress
you touch with such finesse

your lips, so soft and moist
kiss you I must, for I have no other choice

I loved you in my dreams

A lifetime, or so it seems
and if this love is so grand
it must be the masterplan

To make me think of what it means
To love you in my dreams...

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