A Mother's Day -

May 8, 2022

A Mother’s Day–


Reflecting as I do,

Constantly, I think of you . . .

As is my bend,

Memories merge, twist and tend

Then, I slip through time

Tears silent as a Mime


Who’s there—really—to say,

Even though Anna promoted this Day

Mother’s ALWAYS had rank and sway;

To cast bright or gray

God led us through her Way


Her words, voiced

Yet remain—

Reminding us that we came

Now here, have we done it yet?

Can our tears repay our debt?


Mother’s of mothers, and mother’s toil

Every mother: you're the soil

Even when you’re depleted

How much of each, gets deleted

To requite what’s given to us


Do our hopes float on gentle gusts?

Mothers, smothering in trust,

And those mother'ing through the rust

It’s He, who honored you from dust—


Paradise is at your feet (for us)



© 2022 Randy Wise.

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A Mother's Day -

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