Poetic Bites III

April 27, 2022

Nature, the Greatest 'Move Me' of all time

By Richard H. Swan Jr.

A myriad of colorful birds' fly,

and flutter 'round
as they're musically

chirping out their sweet sound

I see the bees busily buzz

while working for their queen
while flowers open their petals,

for beauty to be seen

Even the 'flightless'  

give an air of taking off... in flight
from the smallest to the largest

roaming day, and night

There're indiscriminate howls

of varying frequencies as light starts to fade
and the sun sets so silently satisfied,

 giving way...to evening's shade

All these things, and more

a gift from nature empowered by God
mystical, this cycles

an 'aura' revolving in splendor

that gives me pause

to smile,  with a sigh,  

and affirmin' nod....

April 27, 2022

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