The Profile of the THINKER

March 12, 2022



Megalomaniac when it comes to the word game.

Slices thoughts in half with his style of rhyming.

He fuses hip hop rhyme flare with a pinch of academic lessons,

with a touch of knowledgeable food for thought.


Born: Unknown


Age: Of no importance as long as the reader

understands the energy that he possesses.


Height:6ft in spirit, 7 foot if provoked.


Skin tone: Of a natural hue.


Strengths: Cremating organic and inorganic matter with the words

that are thought and delivered.


Vocal interpretation steady enough to calm a newborn

and strong enough to sever the human spine with blow of



Intellect: High octane induced brain, anything fed to the mind with

the exception of garbage, he grasps and turns into a new form of fuel.

Brilliance beyond his years on this planet.


Weaknesses: Next question!


Ultimate goal: To surpass my own wisdom with an understanding that will create

a new dominion.


Inspirations: Besides himself, many who seek knowledge, those who believe

in the higher power, creative flows, an artistry that reaches beyond

thoughts conception.


"Don'tbe afraid of him, just be aware of his presence!"


The THINKER's Word Warz

He's the flame sparker

The after you lose starter

The Boston Tea partier

The frosting and cream whipped hardier

The drinker of Select Bacardi Darker

The phone that he selects is sharper H

His image, fly guy, Calvin Klien cloaked bomber

Woolly mammoth green parker

The Swine is dope, but I'm harder

Legend slips jokes, funny...not, why bother

Terrain writes quotes and still falters

Wisewithwordz spits political notes, but nothing 'bout what's hotter

AreSun claims he's fire until I bring out the water

The Dark Sun Rider releases steam, but I calm him with the de-fogger

Layne, the reigning queen until Ide-throne her

I gave them all life, I'm the poetic father...

It's the madman again, THINKER, the author!



To the people mentioned in this piece: please respond to this character..."The THINKER" as an adversary, he's not predictable, so please feel free to destroy him if you must!

Have fun...enjoy the battle! © J C Wise

“I liked this a lot! I like the rhyme and the vocabulary and how it just pops out at the reader, grabs the attention, and then sets the soul on fire! This piece surely feeds, if not completely bleeds, lyrical inspiration! Geez! Great!” - Twiztid Lolo

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