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May 28, 2022

By: Richard H. Swan Jr.

It started with...

It started with the words:

"Daddy watch how good I am..."
That's a regular request these days

...I'm her number 1 fan!
What's funny to me though is all I didn't know...
I can't take the easy way out;

I'll learn as she grows

She's coming at me with questions,

one after the next
I do what I can to answer them,

and try not to make it too complex

Precious child of mine the sky's the limit

on what you can achieve

Be more than I am... it's what I'm praying for,

and what you need to believe

Go forth young one

and face life's challenges along your way
Let the naysayers know

you can't be stopped by what they say

You have it in you to ascend to heights,

I've not reached in my day
Remember, it's business first...

then have your fun and play

Not everything you take on

is going to be easy
not being afraid to try,

now that would really, please me!

Your mom and I are trying our best

to prepare you for what lies ahead
walk the path of good, positive people,

and "good shall come"

isn't that what is said?

See it started with the words:

"Daddy watch how good I am"
I wish for it to end up as:
"Daddy I can do anything,

just as you said I can!"

May 28, 2022

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