The Fantastic Lore: Imagine If?

August 7, 2022

Imagine If Ca-Mhey...

Had learned the power of hypnosis?

OH, the slimy things he'd do to the fantastic gang to alter their already flighty psychosis.


"How you like me now you clown?" A deranged looking, Cah-Mhey taunts his

own image in the mirror with a twisted frown.

He's gone away and returned, having gained some basic skills in the Far East.

It was another shifty trick The Man had insisted he learn. Training under the watchful eye

of his Tibetan master, now long since deceased. He carried the remains of him around in an urn.

Ca-Mhey felt he was now a more formidable foe. Being taught how to 'entrance' others, in addition

to learning close quarters combat: hand to hand and going toe to toe.


"Wait'll I slip in on those fools! They'll be helpless against me and never mind 

stopping me, they won't have a single clue!" He gleefully and gloatingly muses aloud.

Yes, revenge danced rampantly around in his demented little head. It's quite apparent to his new friend,

Jasper (a crossed-eyed snow leopard he found abandoned in Tibet) who just rolled his eyes in opposite

directions after hearing what his supposed new friend had said. It's now four days later, and some of The

Fantastic bunch are celebrating String's 5th straight year of emancipation from Shoe. In attendance, Straw,

Ric Wrapper, and Red Writer too. The others were out somewhere cruising the city skies with Fuller, some nuts

and a few screws. Little do any of them realize this day isn't going to be the usual routine that they're accustomed to.


As Ca-Mhey slides swiftly down the side of an unsuspecting little old lady, while she tries several times to remove herself

from the backseat of a taxi. It's been made harder, because of the slick, soapy, film left by a 'sudsy stowaway' in her purse.

The driver named, Grochi Abu hops out to offer his assistance, while simultaneously quoting a jacked-up taxi fee, as the old

lady's eyes seem to tell how badly she wanted to recall a few choice words she would like to have said and much worse!  


As Ca-Mhey slips into a nearby alley he whistles for his feline friend to hurry, and catchup. Jasper, the snow leopard gasps,

and snarls thinking about how he just ran for some 14 miles or more chasing a cab like some insane canine pup.

  Elsewhere, String has managed to turn himself into a knotted mess, attempting to untie himself after Red took a glob of

Contact's glue residue and rubbed it all over his chest. Straw had laughed so hard he spilled some soggy seeds on Red's cap.

Although, judging by the look on Red's face it said that Straw could really use a good slap. "Oopsie! Sorry pal!"  Straw said,

in a less than sincere voice, while Rick entertained by the scene playing out while he snickered at both Red, and String-

repetitively saying, in a beatbox manner, "aaahhhh ooooohhhh wow, haha haha wow!" to add a bit more salt to the sting.


It didn’t take too long for the four of them to trade insults, and put downs on one another, until a familiar and unexpected

voice broke the jovial mood, with two sickly, and vomit inducing words from a former friend, now hated foe. Everyone knows,

he's a real slimeball, and certified hack. It was Ca-Mhey, sliding in his slippery suds sardonically announcing...I'm baaaaaccckkk..!


August 7, 2022

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