Noye’s Story: NOT Your Average Fly On The Wall


Randy Wise





Who knows exactly how long flies have been around? The truth seems to be: who cares? They have been an annoyance to so many people that you might be hard-pressed to find a single fly-sympathizer anywhere. Generally, we’re disgusted by them. So, it may come as a surprise to people to find that Noye unintentionally breaks the mold— maybe he eats it too.

Whatever the case may be, this little fly-guy and his acquaintances seek to change the way that flies are regarded; they may very well be, the only fly comedy crew around.These adventures have captured people’s imagination in an online test platform and reportedly, caused bouts of laughter (and even some sadness). Is it possible to love a fly? Enter Noye’s disgusting world to find out—at your own risk!