A Great Neighborhood: Bri at the Center


Kisha Gilliard-Wise & Randy J. Wise


Children's Stories, Friendships, Self Development



The authors of this series, A Great Neighborhood—are a husband-wife couple happy to bring you this family-oriented series debuting with Asia. These are fictitious stories about a predominantly African American neighborhood somewhere in America.

Primary school-aged children in this story are like the children in many parts of the country; they’re funny, immature, excited, sometimes lonely, playful, and studious. Their parents are single, married, divorced, and widowed—or any mix in-between; all of them in their own ways, providing for their children, a way of life that most of them didn’t have.

Some of these stories cover topics that might be difficult or have trauma-triggers, such as various stressors on children or families involving teasing & bullying, parent separation, and the loss of pets. Therefore, the authors use the cover images in color-codes to indicate content that may be Green, Yellow, or Red (either the entire book or with mixed stories).

All stories have light-hearted and easy subject matter when tough issues are presented over the course of this series. Children, parents, and teachers alike may find themselves enjoying, and even possibly identifying with these characters.