Silent Fights with No Reasonz


Jerome C. Wise


Black Stories, Action-Mystery, Suspense



Silent Fights with No Reasonz allows the reader to glimpse into a world of family, hardship, chaos, love, deception, betrayal, friendship, mystery, and mayhem. Nothing about this family’s story is silent, and there are reasons the title is fitting. The difficulty of finding a place in society puts a heavy demand on us all, especially when living with the challenges the Reasonz family faces.

It has been said, “There is no progress without struggle,” and this story details the epitome of strife as the characters experience twists and turns, drawing you deep into the abyss of hardship. Sit back and get something to calm your nerves. Grab a pen and pad and take notes. Plunge into the world of gritty charm, wit, false alliances, mysterious drama, and a slew of chaotic emotions. You will be at the mercy of the pages. Take a leap, but don’t forget your parachute.