Just as he is: The Life and Times of Little Justice


Richard H. Swan, Jr.


Humor, Imagination, Adventure, Nature



“Just As He Is” is the revisiting of the main character, Little Justice (better known as “Lil’ J”), and his incredible dog Bullet.

It is a fantastical story about a “little boy with a big imagination.” As in the debut book, “The Life and Times of Little Justice”, Lil’ J goes on as many excursions into his backyard—what he refers to as the vast outdoors, with his faithful buddy Bullet. He isn’t an ‘only child’ but it is so easy to see how it can feel like that. He spends so much time in the beauty of the outdoors, “exploring” and letting his imagination guide him on the most amazing journeys!

Take a peek into his world and see how he experiences the world, his parents, and their friends; and see how ‘adult-speak’ is interpreted from the point-of-view of a child. Lil’ J still has so much more to discover! He also has more adventures to go on and lots more to learn. Plus, he still hopes to uncover “the secrets” he believes can be found in an extraordinary tree.

As before, his busy, busy mind, is working to unlock secrets that will answer questions he has been seeking about everything in life.