As I Think . . .: Nature: Hint or Holler


Randy Wise


Nature-inspired Poetry



Contrary to what many people grow up believing, it is NOT natural to love Nature. For some people, it never will be; but for millions more—whether blind or with sight, Nature offers us what none else can: crisp breezes; breath-taking landscapes; baffling skies; eerie symphonies or sunshine and serenity in the heart of a storm. Sometimes it seems like the world is on fire; often enough, helter-skelter City life is at the core of our stress. We’re being driven nuts and blood pressures push past safe limits. But we don’t have to be prisoners to mechanical drudgery.

If you’ve ever lived at the edge of the abyss and would like to ‘come up for air’, then come on; take this metaphorical excursion—a fresh take on a very old subject. Born and raised in the beautiful Hudson Valley area of Upstate New York, I’ve spent years marveling at breath-taking mountain ranges and wondering at the edge of the Hudson River; its natural beauty forever affecting me.

This world just keeps changing and getting busier. And mentally and emotionally, in large part, our answers lie ‘outside our doors’. Why not take some time, a few moments or more to look up—take notice; go for a stroll through figurative woods?

Your imagination can take you to places that your feet never could.